Exceptional hardwood flooring installation, refinishing and repair in Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas of Central Oregon for over 20 years. It is our passion to ensure that you are delighted with your hardwood floors.

Our Hardwood Floor Services


As a hardwood flooring company, we offer pre-finished floor installation including treads and risers for: Solid hardwood flooring, Laminates and Engineered Flooring. =>> Read More

Sanding & Refinishing

We are hardwood floor refinishing contractors and are happy to come and assess the condition of your hardwood floor to determine the level of floor resurfacing required. We will recommend either a preventative maintenance coat or a full refinish depending on the floor condition. =>> Read More

Preventative Maintenance

We recommend having your hardwood floors inspected every two to five years depending on the level of use and wood type. Often a fresh coat of finish can add life to your floor and save you money in the long run. =>> Read More


We are experts at repairing hardwood floors. We offer repairs like matching stains or existing flooring, removing and replacing sections of floor, water damage, single room projects, etc. =>> Read More


We offer a wide variety of stain colors and styles whether you are staining a new floor or matching the color of an existing floor, we offer expert staining services. =>> Read More

Hardwood Stairs

We install hardwood stairs, treads and risers, using new flooring material or matching existing flooring. =>> Read More

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Hardwood Floors Before and After Refinishing

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