Our Goal

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. And we truly mean that. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their floor. We don’t want a 7 or 8, we want a 10. We don’t want to leave a job unless our customer loves our work. When you’ve been a customer and we run into you around town, we want you to see us and smile, remembering the outstanding work we did on your project.

And if you’re not happy with something, we’ll go back and make sure that you are.

Our Team

We have carefully vetted everyone who works with High Desert Hardwood Flooring. They’re completely qualified. We won’t put anyone in a situation where they don’t know what they’re doing. We have people on our team that have been working in Hardwood Flooring for over 20 years and most of our team members have at least 5 years experience.

What You Can Expect

Communication is key and we want to know that everything is understood between us and you, our customer. We’ll review the project carefully to ensure that every detail is understood and agreed upon before we begin.

We’ll be up front about what we will and won’t do, but won’t leave you on your own if you need the help of another professional. For example, if we move a refrigerator we’ll unhook it, but won’t hook it back up. We’ll have a plumber do that. If we can’t do a job of some sort, we have a list of people from electricians and painters to plumbers and carpet installers that we are happy to recommend and, when possible, coordinate. Whether it’s a remodel or new construction, we’re your partners in the process and will help wherever we can.

You Should Know

We offer Free Estimates.
We are Licensed and Bonded.