• Preventative Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Preventative Maintenance Services

We recommend having your hardwood floors inspected every two to five years depending on the level of use and wood type. Are dogs or children living in the home? Are high heels often worn inside? Is the wood a soft wood or a hard wood? These are just a few factors in how long a hardwood floor finish will last before it is in need of repair.

Topcoat before you break through the finish. Once you see gray and dark areas, you may have broken through the finish allowing bacteria to penetrate the wood – your wood is no longer protected and will continue to get worse.

In the long run, preventative maintenance saves money. Top coats average $2.50/square foot while a refinish averages $4 a square foot. So regular, preventative maintenance is likely to save you thousands of dollars over time.

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